[Week 42 – Oct 14 & 18] Disturbed Rocks & Boxes

[Log Monday 14th, October, 2019 / backlog entry]
[Log Friday 18th, October, 2019 / backlog entry]

As this a backlog entry, I may not be able to recollect all the details / observations of that day.

Started the day with rummaging and scavenging that dirty corner (which since has been cleaned now (T⌓T)) to look for more Filistatidae spiders, and got lucky to spot one (follow up on Log Wk 41-9Oct)! I have only managed to take couple of pictures before it disappeared once I turned my line of vision to another direction for less than a minute, bummer! I wanted to take more shots under the sun to capture details. I have spotted another spider species, which I believe is a ground spider (Family: Gnaphosidae), I have spotted the same species inside the house as well on Oct 14. Unfortunately none are clear, but body features should be more or less “identifiable”. I loved those bulky palps!

I am in awe whenever I look for the funnel webs the Filistatidae spiders weave, they take advantage of every space they seem to find … or at least that what I tend to incline to. That web with all the molts is quite fascinating as well, just how long the spider settled to go through all these molts?

Questions/thoughts raised:
– what does proximity of funnel houses signify in terms of competition for food sources and space?
– would be really nice to measure sizes of the spiders residing in the houses in relative to the web entrance

It was my first time seeing a Ant Queen! Funnily enough, I always had this idea ant queens are accompanied by an entourage of solider and working ants, ugh, I blame the cartoons!

Best part of this Friday adventure was bunch of undisturbed rocks … that I eventually disturbed them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I actually did not know what to expect, and I certainly did not expect to find gecko’s resting either, nor moths! I have not been able to identify moths really and I should work on my identification skills, but for the gecko, I am guessing it would be Hemidactylus robustus (Family: Gekkonidae), known as Red Sea Leaf-toed according to the identification guide. There were 2 gecko’s: one managed to swiftly escape, casting a black shadow movement, while the other had difficulty finding the escape route, which worked on my favor, poor gecko. I almost missed two pair of Diptera flies mating, talk about real camouflage (first image)!

The moth resting on the rock had a strange behavior, or it could be due to the disruption I’ve caused (oops.). It contracted it abdominal, twitching its wings slightly and then excreted a fluid (vid below), it was an interesting observation, especially the contraction, which unfortunately was not captured in the vid.

To end the day, a Hoopoe placed itself in the recently cut 25yrs+ tree that my heart aches for. The tree is an Arabic Gum Tree, Babul (Acacia nilotica/arabica) – it saddens me when something becomes a nuisance to a human being, the answer is easily “GET RID OF IT”. Even if you are getting rid of it, or trying to trim it down, there are ways to ensure the growth of it, but alas, invoice gardeners with obsolete knowledge to cut down magnificent trees (in a way for them to grow back) were brought in.

Now it is dead.

Just like that.

Derived from the chance of prospering to become a 100 years old tree, just because a human is able to take away that choice. I am not an expert and wont claim I am, but looking at my other neighbors house whom trim their Ghaf tree on regular basis, it is safe to assume there is a technique to handle such trees with delicacy in order for them to sprout once again.

May you recover Acacia.

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