Comic Con ’19

Wow – I participated. (⊙ꇴ⊙)

I have been contemplating long enough if I should participate or not and if I should go through the experience. I decided for better or worse, with my other creative sisters to participate and give it a go of having a booth in con ’19. It has been an (semi-)aim since comic con launched in the UAE to have a booth, but not necessarily an objective to cross off the list. Even though it was “stress-inducing”, we pulled it through, and I am very proud of that fact.

This was our table ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Even though I started preparing since December 18, cross-stitching is time consuming and to finish a single piece and polish it into a final product can take easily between 15hrs-72hrs+.

For my part, I only managed to finish 5 pieces in total (6 was on the way but got frustrated midway and ditched it):

1. Katakuri character from One Piece

For this project, I had my awesome sister (graphic designer) treat the pic and fix it into high definition to make it easier to work with. Later I converted the image in MacStitch to produce a pattern.

This is my second time or attempt in making my own pattern and working to complete it, so there were a lot of trial and errors along the way.

I used Zweigaert 20 Count Linen Aida (it could have been 22ct) for both pieces and honestly it was a pleasure to work with, even though the spaces were small, I found it smooth to work with. During the cross-stitching, I actually was hesitant to complete the X stitch and just leave it as one stitch /. To satisfy my hesitancy (I always take the longest route of solving things, and I need to work on that!), I ended up working on the 2nd piece of Katakuri. I also was uncertain if I should add the lines of his mouth, eyes and nose… and so I kept one with and the other without lines. Those are some images of the process:










Those are the finished products, and I have not take a proper photo unfortunately! (2nd image courtesy of my friend who purcahsed it ≧ω≦)






& a short gif I created of the process









2. Super Mario [PAUSE SCREEN]

I had a lot of doubts in .. continuing this little piece. It took more than 60hrs+ and I was not sure the worth of continuing it with comic con approaching. It was in fact, a badly time managed and investment for a comic con product. I still pulled it through miraculously.  (゜ロ゜)

I tweaked this for a MacStitch pattern as well, and made it to fit – more or less – properly in a 4x4in hoop. It was a very detailed project, however for the next Mario PAUSE SCREEN, I definitely would just do the lettering in black, or try to manage to get a 20-22ct ‘complete’ black Aida which I have not been successful to find.

I have to improvise on the finishing as well – as I have not scaled the black threads around the corner edges before, so I definitly need to look into finishing touches.

Materials I used:
Zweigart 20Ct Aida-18X21″ Needlework Fabric – Antique White
4×4 inch (10×10 cm) hoop

Progress images and end product:














3. Harry Potter [BOOKMARK]

The Harry Potter bookmark was a pattern I bought from etsy [store: AvroraCS]. The pattern was very straightforward, but had to resize it to fit my bookmark aida count. I really took the inspiration in cross stitch bookmarks after doing this project back in 2018

Material I used:
Aida Band 50mm (2″) wide cream 16 count

Progress images and end product:






4. Game of Thrones [BOOKMARK]

Game of Thrones bookmark was a bit more complex and larger than I initially anticipated. It is pattern I bought from etsy [store: StitchesLoversShop]. I could not use my bookmark aida fabric and had to use normal aida fabric. I used the 20ct aida to compress it as much as I could so it would look neat for a bookmark. It was an intersting ‘last’ project for comic con because I basically had to take a whole week off just to work on 7hrs+ a day to finish it. My touchups for all projects seems to be reoccuring problem throughout everyting I make, I am certainly a beginner and learning, so hopfully it will be refined with time.

Progress images and end product:







All projects were a learning experience for me and joy to make. Hope the rest of 2019 will be more or less productive with stitching, as this has taken a big chunck of energy out of me. I have to remind myself time is commodity, especially when you invest and immerse yourself in many aspects in this life, and, time is limited and you can’t do ’em all.

Focus on what matters.

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