My First Cross-Stitch Bookmark!


I’ve always wanted a personalized cross stitch bookmark, but never knew how to start from scratch with my own designs.

I searched for a kit that would give me a head start and pump up those endorphins … and so I came across of Michael Powell cross stitch patterns. I was stunned with all those beautiful designs I could buy the whole store!

Well I had to hold my horses, since my mother decided to gift me a bunch during her travel outside (thank you mum!)

I was very excited once I got the kit and bunch of other supplies when my mother was back. I had to work on it immediately after finishing the Kingfisher Cross Stitch pattern kit.

The Review:
– Short project, ideal for warm up
– Instructions were a bit complicated for my level, but understood as I went on
– Did not understand the concept of combining the colors in earlier stages, and risked running out of certain threads
– First time using a tassel, and it was an interesting concept for me
– Very enjoyable project, I had a lot of fun, especially when it was coming together (with the outlining)
– Slightly challenging when it came to folding and sewing the felt piece behind, as I was not sure if I was doing it correctly.

I am definitely buying more of Michael Powell designs, they are amazing!

Enjoy the process images!

The Statistics:
Total of 25 hours laid out in 9 days

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