The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Date Read: July 26, 2018 – August 7, 2018
Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction, War story, Spy fiction
Setting: France
Duration: 15hrs 13mins
Published by Harper Audio, Narrated by Saskia Maarleveld
Rating: 3 🌟🌟🌟

The Alice Network is a historical novel that takes place during and after the events of World War I & II. Charlotte “Charlie” St. Clair is an American girl  who is on a mission to find her long lost cousin Rose, as her own family gave up on searching for her. Charlie’s brother served in the marine and took his own life due to PTSD. Troubled and depressed, Charlie began to engage in reckless behavior that left her pregnant with unhappy parents. Thus, she was sent to deal with her “little problem” abroad to Switzerland accompanied by her mother. She, however, made a run for it during the transit in London, where she met the former spy Evelyn ‘Eve’ Gardiner.

Charlie found Eve’s contact while working in her father’s office looking for leads that may point her to Rose. Eve served as a spy for England but was left severely ravaged and haunted by guilt for the loss of “Queen of Spies”, Lili. Charlie, who is determined in finding Rose, discovered that her cousin used to work in a restaurant called Le Lethe run by Monsieur René. Familiarity rushed to Eve, the name of the restaurant … the name of the owner. Though it may have taken a bit of convincing, Eve agreed to join the search of finding Rose, while forming formidable friendship along the journey of revenge, joy and forgiveness.

It was honestly the first time I have read/listened to a historical fiction book. The experience was definitely new, I have appreciated the book content and what it offered, the writing style (listening really) and description of places and events – the immersing of this book was worth it. I enjoyed that some of the story was factual, such as the female spies role in WWI&II and a real person that played such a role, Louise de Bettignies.

The book has given me a new perspective of war and what it means to be a spy while swallowing your whole human being dignity, just for the sake to  keep on spying and milk information. It is hard, difficult and strenuous both mentally and physically – could you break?

Usually when a book contains alcohol or excessive sexual content, it gets a minus star from me, I personally do not like to read long paragraphs of alcohol and sex in the mix – I get a annoyed and feel it has been a waste of paper. As for the other minus star is for Charlie personality – she is not gulp-able mathematician.

It earned three stars from me as I gained insight from this read as I am not a very historical person in general. Definitely will check other historical books after reading this piece of work.

unto the next review may we may tune in~

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