Zelda Cross-Stitch & Fob Key


I should have posted this around April 。(*^▽^*)ゞ but haven’t got the right time to do so. Well, I am doing it now!

I had this idea for quite a while, around 2 years or so, but circumstances happened and was not able to execute it till 2018. Hooray for me! I took Comic Con 2018 as a motivation to push me in executing the idea, and it worked thanks to a good friend of mine (she has allowed me to sell my work on her registered table!). It actually started with only as Key Fob / Key Ring idea as I browsed etsy for inspiration, but during the prototype making, I figured the it was not feasible to execute the idea I had in mind and ended up with a cross-stitch piece that took 15-18hrs each and an already printed fabric key fob chain.

What I actually wanted to do was stitch the famous quote of LoZ on the fabric itself: “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This!”

Well, I am glad I did not attempt. I have used software MacStitch to produce a pattern that was a bit tad too big to be stitched onto the fabric and used Aida fabric instead. Then I had the scroll idea as an alternative, got my supplies from ACE store and proceeded with the idea of scroll making.

Overall, I am really happy with the results, tho I need to improvise more on the finishing (I felt that bit was lousy).

Enjoy the progress photos / end result!


  1. That’s amazing! 😍


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