Asilidae Gallery, UAE

Asilidae Gallery

All photographs taken by Maryam AlHaddad unless mentioned otherwise
Subfamily: Stichopogoninae
Robber fly – Rhadinus sp.; Oct 8, 2016, backyard







  1. Excellent! 🙂
    I have a Robber Fly in a piece of Cretaceous Amber.


    1. That’s awesome! Do you have a picture to show us? I am very interested to see how it looks like!


  2. […] I was hesitant to start my ‘nature journalling’ for the day and just wanted to hug the bed for the rest of the day. Well … let just say I pushed myself and rather got unexpected results of the day: 2 ROBBER FLIES! I have been wanting to see them live in action ever since I managed to find a female Stichopogon deserti back in Oct 2016. […]


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