Squarish Whaley


I know I have not updated in a while – that is because I have been quite lazy..  (I’ll be updating soon as I have A LOT to update on)


I have finally finished Project 1:  Squarish Whale.  I’m quite happy with the results actually – I can see my sewing improved a bit for a matter of fact x].

I finally started using the sewing machine .. and I can only say its I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! It makes sewing easier and reduces the time spent on sewing – though I am a quite beginner. So as you can guess when I had troubles with it, I cursed it endlessly.

Fins were really a hassle to make, I had to remake them 4 to 5 times to get a good one without the machine killing it or me not cutting wrong proportions =/. I had a bit of challenge when I was stitching the face and the butt, it was not as I imagined as I had to leave a bit of space for it to look good – I’m not really sure this explainable in words xD but initially I was stitching and attaching the whole square with the face/butt fabric to the rest of body – but I was not supposed to stitch it whole squarely but rather leave a space on the edges so it can bend when I turn it over.

Here are some selected images for the process of making.
Note: if you’d like to see it all, please go to this link (photobucket album)

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